Inspired Marketing Case Study about the Institute of Estate Agents

About Intune Communications And Entertainment

Intune Communications and Entertainment is a South African PR agency that aims to optimise return on investment (ROI) via the dynamic use of communication and events. Intune offers cutting edge, integrated communications strategies that combine traditional, online and social media.

Intune’s services include public relations and corporate communication, campaign and event management, internal corporate communication, content writing, social media, sports PR, webinars and conferences.

The Situation

A boom in online business meant that Intune Communications and Entertainment needed to grow and nurture their social media and digital footprint. The clear solution came in the form of automation technology, which enables companies to maximise the use of their resources, particularly human resources. Marketing automation includes automating numerous manual marketing and communications tasks, which can consume valuable and limited resources.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Marketing was approached to develop a solution to automate the marketing and communications processes and thereby free up Intune’s internal human resources.


Implement marketing automation technology to streamline marketing and communication processes and thereby improve the growth, retention and engagement with Intune’s clients.

Desired outcome:

Develop a reliable system that:


  • captures client information,
  • processes event sign ups,
  • sends out notifications and tracking interactions.

Distributes communication about upcoming events and follow-up information.

Creates a dashboard to track performance and ROI.

What we did

Inspired Marketing delivered the following:

  1. Set up marketing automation with a built-in sales CRM software platform.
  2. Segmented contacts into relevant persona groups.
  3. Mapped out the event registration process – from first contact to repeated invitations.
  4. Created e-mail content and sequences, campaign web pages with sign-up forms, information web pages, notifications, smart emails and dynamic content.
  5. Set up the marketing workflow automations, tested the processes and activated the campaigns.
  6. Enabled performance analytics for real-time feedback.

The Result

Today Intune’s automated system works automatically and reliably 24/7. The system has provided scope for Intune to automate more functions and thereby continuously eliminate repetitive, time-consuming manual tasks.

About Intune Communications And Entertainment
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