We are online marketing specialists

The Inspired Marketing team developed a suite of services to suit a wide range of industries offering specialised online marketing solutions.

How the Inspired Marketing Agency was born

Inspired Marketing was founded in 2012. We’re a South African digital marketing services agency based in Cape Town. We specialise in marketing automation software and online campaigns for our clients. Our expertise together with the SharpSpring platform helps us put our clients on the map, and firmly in the minds of their target audience.

We started Inspired Marketing knowing that building a business would not be an easy feat. To overcome the obstacles we were bound to face, we future-proofed our business by choosing to use software and tools such as SharpSpring. In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, we needed to partner with a product that would withstand the flux.

We needed to align our marketing services with customer purchasing processes that our clients face. By choosing a marketing automation platform and powerful CRM, we identified and automated our key repeatable marketing processes. By working hard to ensure success, we assist you in gaining a competitive edge in your specific industry.

What makes Inspired Marketing services unique?

We use superior software and tools to provide a range of online digital marketing, design and development services. Our creative and technical capabilities know no bounds and we strive for excellence in everything we tackle.

Our team

We pride ourselves in working with professionals who have proven skills. For every project, we source the very best from our wide network of professionals so we can offer full scope online marketing services. Our team delivers marketing services and collateral that positively impacts your business growth and bottom line.

Our solutions

Our solutions include marketing strategy, marketing automation management, website redesign, and content marketing. As Platinum Partners of SharpSpring, we deliver messaging, establish positioning and help clients offer value to target audiences. Our skills, strategies, and software attract qualified leads for clients. Additional services include skills transfer via online training for your marketing automation.

Our processes

Our processes are proven to work. Together with our individual skill sets, the software and business process systems we employ consistently result in timeous deliverables and optimal outputs. Our team works within the bounds of these processes and we keep our clients informed through transparency and communication.

Our culture

Our team culture has been born out of a group of like-minded individuals collaborating to attain success for both ourselves and our clients. We achieve this by remaining focused on our customers: their preferences, unique behaviours, and buying journey. We have a culture of excellence and we strive to rise above the din of the global marketing hub. With a steadfast set of core values, we deliver superior output.

Our core values

As problem solvers and opportunity makers we are growth-minded people, driven forward by our personal values.


We believe in truthfulness, transparency, accountability and living a principled life. We love straightforwardness as a way of understanding and having empathy for others.


We believe in equal opportunity for all - to dream and have a chance to reach one's dreams. We believe in supporting those who selflessly do good in our world.


We believe creativity unlocks human potential. Whether it's through humour, the arts, or individual expression, creativity provides a better perspective and appreciation.


We applaud those who strive for excellence, and admire continuous improvement. We support sincere efforts to achieve a healthy balance between advancement and sustainability.

Why work with us

Inspired Marketing uses marketing automation technology and a powerful CRM to enable you to hyper-personalise your campaigns across multiple channels no matter audience size or location.

Flexible and easy pricing options

Marketing automation pricing options tend to be steep. We are a fraction of the cost of digital marketing services and competing systems. Our flexible packages mean you can choose a month-to-month contract and add in services as and when you require.

Become a digital marketing pro

Want to become a digital marketer proficient in automation? We offer unrestricted training and support onsite and online. As SharpSpring Platinum partners, we’re here to answer all questions around the platform and digital marketing.

Control your platform and software tools

We give you an intuitive, full-featured interface, and an easy-to-manage software system. And when you need it the most, we are there to assist, answer your questions, provide full technical support and implement your campaigns if required.

Meet the Management Team

Deon van Rensburg

Business Development | MBA Degree

Experienced in business development, my role at Inspired Marketing is to help our clients develop robust marketing and sales processes.

Throughout my career, I've seen that the entrepreneurs who systemise their businesses are far better positioned to thrive over the long term. I have seen, and personally experience every day, that a systemised business can give you peace of mind - because everything works the way it should!

Building out marketing and sales systems is my forte, and our agency uses marketing automation technology to implement these systems on behalf of our clients.

We believe in practising what we preach and use the same tools and processes we provide to clients, for our marketing and sales campaigns.

Kerry Lewkowicz

Creative Director | Diploma in Art Directing

With an early background in art directing (film and event productions), my role at Inspired Marketing is to help companies turn marketing and sales into a positive customer experience.

Having worked across a wide range of industries and with a lot of different people, I have seen how quickly people can move away from bad service, to where they have a good experience. And it is here that I find my skills come to the fore - I simply love working to create a positive customer experience.

Using market research, I look to get ‘into the shoes of the customer’ and figure out their preferences. I then look at how to balance what customers want with how a marketing and sales system functions – and work to create the sweet spot where it all comes together.

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