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Additional Services

Need further marketing and technical services? We are ready to help.

Additional Platform Usage

All prices exclude VAT.

- Additional Leads After the first 100,000 leads. R57.00 per 1,000

- Additional Emails (up to 500,000) From 25,001 to 500,000 emails sent per month. R22.50 per 1,000

- Additional Emails (over 500,000) Over 500,000 emails sent per month. R18.00 per 1, 000

Additional Page Impressions Over 250,000 page impressions per month. R960.00 per 100,000

Additional Technical Services

All prices exclude VAT.

- SalesForce Integration. R1, 950 per client

- IMAP Syncing. R240.00 per mail box

- Litmus Tests. R22.50 to R75.00 per test

- Shutterstock Images. R210.00 per image

- App Connections. R232.50 per connected service up to 100,000 contacts

Additional Marketing Services

All prices exclude VAT.

- Ad hoc services. R650.00 p.h.

- 5 Hours p.m. package. R3, 000 p.m.

- 10 Hour p.m. package. R5, 000 p.m.