A CRM platform allows you to build relationships with customers

Boost your business and build relationships with customers – at the same time

Customer relationship management (CRM) is often depicted as the quest to gather as much information about your customers as possible, to entice them to buy even more products and services from you. Although customer data plays an essential role in building relationships with customers, it should not be seen as the end goal or focus point.

At Inspired Marketing, we view CRM as a business enabler, which gives business owners the confidence to pursue their business goals in the knowledge that the important basics related to customer relationship are taken care of. Rather than being the stand-out feature, CRM provides the bedrock of a healthy and organised business. A CRM platform allows you to plan and think strategically, secure in the knowledge that your relationships with customers are being properly managed. 

The bottom line is that CRM gives business owners (and marketers, sales teams and management) an immediate advantage in the marketplace and if you don’t take advantage of it, you can be sure that your competitors will.

Let’s take a look at some of the underlying benefits that an automated CRM platform offers you – and your customers.

  • Build real relationships 

Rather than amassing huge amounts of customer data, the best functionality of CRM is that it allows you to nurture specific relationships. This is made possible by a relationship-centric approach to data: it’s about knowing when a customer first purchased from you and what follow-up purchases they have made. What have they liked or disliked about your offering? What highlights or frustrations have there been along the way? How have you responded to their concerns? A detailed record of these touchpoints allows you to build real, lasting relationships with customers.

  • Collect the data that matters

Now that we have established that data collection isn’t the primary goal of CRM, it’s important to consider what information should be in your CRM database. At Inspired Marketing, we suggest including the following:

  • The customer’s name and contact details
  • Your most recent interaction with them – including the date and what was discussed
  • Their lead scores; i.e. how likely they are to make new purchases
  • Their order/purchase history
  • Any engagements with you via your website or social media channels.

The information above will help you know when your potential leads are ready to buy. It will also indicate what products may be of interest to them and – very importantly – what they are not interested in. Not sending them irrelevant information can make all the difference when it comes to retaining them as a mailing list subscriber. 

lead scores help you nurture relationships with customers

  • Free up key employees for high-touch work

CRM improves your marketing efficiency because you can move your efforts to where it matters most. You are no longer required to manually track each interaction with customers – everything operates reliably in the background. This means your employees have more time for the high-level cognitive tasks that real-life people are particularly good at (like building one-on-one relationships with customers). 

For example, the CRM platform will remind you that a customer bought a product two weeks ago and provide a full purchase history. Then you can claim all the goodwill when you call the customer to follow up and ask if they have any queries or require further assistance.

  • Create one version of the truth

Another benefit of a sound CRM system is that it provides a shared source of information for the entire organisation to work from – no matter where they are located. This means that all employees are empowered to generate ideas and suggest better ways of working. There is equal access to information about customers and leads, providing ample opportunities for performance and growth to all. This instills feelings of trust, confidence and safety among your work force.

  • Give your customers what they want

CRM software presents the consumer with various options, making it a powerful listening tool. They can choose what communication they wish to receive and even their behaviour (what they purchase and what they don’t) will give you clues as to what they are interested in hearing about. CRM allows for a more personal approach, as a contact is far more detailed and nuanced than a name and telephone number. 

A central CRM system also allows for greater privacy, as it can ensure that the same customer is not contacted by three different sales reps in the same week. 

  • Boost your confidence – and grow!

Taking on new challenges and innovating within your business can be a nerve-wracking prospect, but they are the only pathways to long-term growth. Facing this head-on is that much easier if you have systems in place running reliably in the background. A comprehensive CRM system gives you the assurance that your business is delivering as usual, but is gearing up for something new and exciting because you have been able to think beyond the day-to-day operations.

In a nutshell…

An automated CRM system is a business essential – not necessarily because of its host of useful features, but rather because of what it enables you to achieve. It’s time to start thinking bigger about your business. You can do this safely and responsibly if you have a sound CRM system in place. So, what’s your next challenge?

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Boost your business and build relationships with customers – at the same time
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