Understanding Budget Allocation

A successful growth plan requires a dedicated budget to achieve your goals. How you allocate the budget to the correct resources is just as important.

Inspired Marketing Budget-Allocation

The growth quadrant provides an effective way to plot the budget factors for customer demand and supply

The Inspired Business Growth Framework is applied using a two-dimentional quadrant representing the Customer Buying Process and the Business Selling Process.

Understanding the Customer Buying Process enables us to develop the Business Selling Process that best matches the way in which a customer makes a purchase. The quadrant enables the demand and supply system to be sub-divided into specific categories for closer examination and improvement of each individual factor.

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Allocation of budget through the marketing and sales pipeline to drive more traffic and achieve higher conversion rates

Customer Journey

The customer Journey describes how an individual looks for a solution to their needs and how they evaluate their various options, and how they make a final decision to purchase. Understanding the customer journey enables us to meet their needs along the way.

Constraints and Opportunities

The reason for focusing on constraints is that a system seldom moves faster than the slowest moving part. From experience, we have found that within a constraint, you will often fins a competitive edge in the marketplace and unique solutions to problems your customers want to solve.

Lead Generation

During the Lead Generation phase, specific target customer segments are identified. This phase includes Awareness, Engagement and the capture of contact details to a CRM platform.

Revenue Generation

During the Revenue Generation Phase, we focus on converting leads to customers and driving future business. This phase includes lead qualification, notifications, responses, follow-up sequences, sales conversion, supply of products and services as well as opportunity expansion.

Accelerate your revenue growth


Once the initial customer journey has been mapped out via the customer funnel and pipeline concept, you can aim to accelerate growth by building out multiple customer funnels. Each customer segment, market sector, product and service line creates an opportunity to build a new customer funnel.

With more funnels capturing more prospective customers, the opportunities to create income-generating revenue streams increases exponentially.

Performance analytics - The power of measurement

At Inspired Marketing, we believe that the key to organisational effectiveness is to start a marketing project with clear objectives and the means to measure the efforts to achieve those objectives. Our software provides real-time, in depth reporting that will help you steer your business to success.

Inspired Marketing Testimonials
You’re in safe hands working with Inspired Marketing. They understand your needs and make sure you get what you want, on time every time.

Sakkie Janse Van Rensburg
Executive Director (Ret.) of ICT at the University of Cape Town

Using Marketing Automation, we have been able to move many of our marketing tasks, from a time consuming manual process to an automated system which has freed up time to focus on serving our members. We want to thank Inspired Marketing for helping us manage the software and provided ongoing support.

Shawn Belluigi
General Manager, Intune Communications and Entertainment

The Inspired Marketing team have been helpful and efficient from the get-go: they are always willing to take time to assist with whatever I may need – be it training on various sections of the platform, or helping to plan and strategise elements of our communications plan. Thanks to the Inspired Marketing team we have grown our subscriber numbers, and look forward to expanding our reach even further in the year ahead by making use of individually-targeted campaigns.

Megan Dick
Communications and Marketing Manager, FW de Klerk Foundation

Combining a professional management style with an innovative approach to projects, Inspired Marketing delivers an exciting ‘product’ every time. I can wholeheartedly recommend their service.

Dr Norah Haussmann
Magazine Editor, Crawford Schools (member of the ADvTECH Group)

Inspired Marketing supplies and supports our Marketing Automation software. From onboarding us in the beginning, helping us build out online marketing campaigns and providing backup support, they deliver a reliable and innovative service.

Ursula Scholtz
Marketing manager, Combined Capital Solutions (Pty) Ltd (registered credit provider)


Inspired Marketing designed and built our website and have also assisted with our marketing campaigns. They offer a combination of reliable service and creative flair, always happy to help and provide sound advice. I can highly recommend their service.

Willa Schoeman
CEO, Diamond investments, Member: World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Inspired Marketing
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