Marketing funnel demos

Explore the many ways you can attract and engage your customers using marketing automation technology.

In the following live demos you will find three examples, out of the many possible options, how you can segment your audience, identify their preferences and deliver specific information that is relevant to them.

Leadership Style Demo

This example demonstrates the use of a progressive selection from multiple options, to get a specific result.

Firstly, we show how you can easily direct your audience to a web page where they are able to select their preference out of several possible options.

When the first selection has been made, a second web page automatically opens where there is a second set of related options.

Once the second selection has been made, the completed item can be displayed on a web page or sent to an inbox, or both.

Try the demo, you'll be suprised by the result!

Pick-a-Car Demo

Experience the power of using a simple selection process to deliver exactly what your audience wants.

By using radio buttons, we show how you can easily establish a customer’s preferences and deliver on those preferences.

This example shows how a choice can be made between different products and different colours - and then display the exact result, automatically!

An added benefit with an automated CRM system is that it will in future 'know' your customers preferences.

Try it out and see the many ways this technology can help grow your business.

Magic Card Trick Demo

The magic card trick demonstrates what dynamic content is and how it works in practice.

We will also show you how marketing automation technology can help you:

  • Identify web visitors
  • Send personalized, behavioural-based emails
  • Track and score leads
  • Alert your sales team of important lead behaviour
  • Pull a rabbit out of your hat! Okay, maybe not this one...

Try out the demo for a magical experience!