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Grow your business using the 5-minute LinkedIn marketing plan

For most busy people finding time to grow their LinkedIn account can be a challenge.

If you’re looking for a simple process to get growing then this checklist is for you.

What it aims to achieve is to help you optimise your time by providing a simple daily LinkedIn strategy to grow your businesses contacts.

Starting as a beginner it will help you ramp up your activities to an advanced level, and to get there by allocating only 5 minutes a day!


For 1 minute:

  • Accept connection requests
  • Build your network
  • There should be no limits to adding contacts

For 3 minutes:

  • Send ‘Thank You’ messages to all your new connections.
  • You could add some content that they may find useful

For 1 minute:

  • Request to connect with one new person.
  • LinkedIn will continue to prompt you with people you may know


For 1 minute:

  • Join relevant groups and communities
  • This is a great way to see what is happening in your industry

For 2 minutes:

  • Check who viewed your profile.
  • Send a personal message of how you can add value.

For 2 minutes:

  • Share content.
  • If you have recent valuable information, add it to your profile.
  • Share with relevant groups.


For 3 minutes:

  • Share a piece of content written by someone else.
  • Use the LinkedIn share buttons on website visits.

For 1 minute:

  • Comment on the status or content shared by a person in your network.
  • At least 1 a day!

For 1 minute:

  • Organise and catch up with your contacts.
  • Invite one for coffee or an event they may be interested in.

Once you have built up your audience, you will be better positioned to move to the next phase of your strategy. At this stage you will want to look at posting relevant and helpful content to further engage your audience and drive business opportunities.

Remember – people are mostly interested in information that will help them move forward. So in preparing your next piece of content, think about how you can help people resolve things they may be struggling with.


  • Keep you profile current
  • Set up a company page
  • Personalise your invitations
  • Get recommendations
  • Request introduction
  • Be authentic
  • Have an opinion
  • Use personal anecdotes
  • Create insights and share knowledge
  • Write in a way that starts a conversation
  • Keep it professional

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Grow your business using the 5-minute LinkedIn marketing plan
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