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How to copy email templates in SharpSpring

For SharpSpring users – create a series of templates for future use, with all the branding elements, structure and style predesigned to corporate standards. By doing this you will save time when you have upcoming campaigns or are under pressure to get communications out in a hurry.

These steps show you how to copy an email template for immeadite use.

Step 1: Go to ‘Content’ section in the Marketing tab on the navigation bar

  • Select email templates
  • Find the email template you want to copy
  • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the gear wheel
  • Select copy email template

Step 2: Create your email

  • Type in the new name for the email
  • Type in the new subject line
  • Leave the From name and from email address unless you specifically need to change it
  • Click the blue copy email button on the right

Step 3: Edit the Email

  • Double click on the content box you want to edit.
  • An edit box will open up.
  • Place you curse on the line you want to edit
  • Edit the text, image etc.

Remember to check the…

  • Font sizes
  • Font colour
  • Button links (if any)
  • Image size

If you are happy, click the DONE box on the top right

  • Click the green Save button on the top of the page

Step 4: Check Email Settings

  • On the left navigation toolbar on the left-hand side of the page

Envelope icon: Send settings

  • Check subject line
    • From name
    • From email address
    • Reply-to email address (uses from email address as a default)
  • Tick the following boxes if required
    • Can send multiple times to one person
    • Make available as a Smart Mail
    • Send from Lead Owner when sending from an automation engine
    • Include “view in browser” link

Grid icon: Add content

  • Drag and drop content areas and layouts if you require

Paperclip icon: Attachments

  • Add up to 4 attachments if required

Paintbrush icon: Styling

  • Edit the global email theme style link font colour, background colour, headings, text if required

*Ignore the other icons unless you are working with RSS feeds, shopping carts or dynamic content.

NB – Always send a test email before sending out.

If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to copy email templates in SharpSpring
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