Blog Screen - How to create a blog post in SharpSpring

How to create a blog post in SharpSpring

For SharpSpring users – you may want to use the platform to upload and manage your blog articles. This gives you the flexibility to publish your content separately from your website for specific campaigns.

The following process provides the steps to set up and publish your blog posts.

Step 1: Create an image for your blog post

  • Make sure the image is the correct size (800 x 450 pixels at 72dpi), landscape
  • Sign in to SharpSpring

Step 2: Create the blog post

  • Top navigation bar, click on Content
  • Click on Blogs
  • Click on the grey box with the gear wheel on the right-hand side of the page
  • Select New Article
  • Type in the title of your article
  • Click on the blue Create Article Button
  • A Blog editor will open
  • On the left-hand navigation bar, click on the first Article Info Icon
  • Select the Author of the Blog
  • Click on the second Media icon on the left navigation bar
  • Upload the image you created for your blog
  • Add a description if required
  • In the Content Editor, insert the text for your article. You do not need to add the image again here. It will pull in from the image you have already uploaded
  • However, if you would like to add another image, you can add it within the editor
  • Remember to check spelling, errors will be underlined in red automatically
  • Edit the text by selecting a color, size and fonts, paragraphs, bullets and more
  • Save the article by clicking the green Save Changes on the top right of the page. The article will not save unless an author has been selected as per point 12

Step 3: Publish the blog

  • Go back to the top navigation bar
  • Click on content > Blogs
  • Find the article and click on the grey box on the right of that row
  • Select publish
  • Schedule a date and time to publish the article
  • You can also choose to edit or delete the article if required
  • Once you have published your article, go to the live blog page url and check that the article has published correctly

Step 4: Create an email with links to blogs

  • Create the main image for your email
  • Make sure the main image is the correct size (1000 x 545 pixels at 72dpi), landscape
  • Edit the image as required to allow for the elements in your email. For example, if you want to add text over the image, edit the image to allow for text to be legible
  • Sign in to SharpSpring
  • Top navigation bar, click Marketing >> Content
  • Click on Emails
  • Select an email from the templates
  • Create and edit the email using the email editor
  • To manually add a link to the blog post, copy the URL of the live blog post and insert it into the email according to the design template you have chosen
  • Save your email and schedule as required

If you require help to create an automated email with RSS feed that pulls in your latest blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis, please submit a service ticket.

How to create a blog post in SharpSpring
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