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How to create buyer personas on SharpSpring

For marketing and sales professionals, buyer personas are a way to group and describe your distinct audience segments. 

In SharpSpring, you can use personas to communicate directly to your audience preferences with highly personalised content.

The benefit of doing this includes:

  • Creating a way to identify and keep on record the specific preferences of your different customer segments.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of your business’s buyers and their habits, and what that group’s typical wants and needs might be.
  • Helping to improve the development of your value proposition to attract better engagement.
  • Guiding the creation of content for each specific group or persona – and making communications more personalised.
  • Improving customer loyalty through anticipating customer choices.
  • and many other benefits.

Understanding Personas

  • Personas in SharpSpring have many uses. Personas can be used for dynamic content in emails and landing pages, and they can be used as list rules for targeted email sends.
  • Personas can be used by salespeople to shape the way you communicate with your leads during the sales cycle by segmenting your customers and leads based on interests and behaviour.
  • Personas are a combination of information and attributes unique to a specific audience. Every persona is made of a persona card, usage graph, and widgets.

Download the Persona Worksheet

Before adding personas in SharpSpring, it’s advisable to identify your key customer personas. To make this process easier, download our interactive persona worksheet HERE

Persona Cards on SharpSpring

SharpSpring provides the ability to add your personas along with all the detail you need. At the same time you can see how many contacts in your database are matched to those personas.

Let’s look at how you can prepare your personas for easy upload to the SharpSpring platform.

Persona details Persona1 Persona2 Persona3
Persona Name

The friendly name given to a persona.

This name will appear on the Marketing Profile for a lead.

Persona Title

The title for the persona.

Persona Answer

When using personas in forms.

This is the value that appears in the field drop-down menu.


A profile picture that represents the persona. 

Job Keywords
Job Experience
Education Level
Age Range
Purchasing Motivation
Gender Identity
Fears and Aspirations
Pain Points and Frustrations
How the product helped me…
Price Sensitivity
Service and Support needed
Ease of Use

If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to create buyer personas on SharpSpring
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