Stay Connected - How to import email contacts into SharpSpring using Zapier

How to import email contacts into SharpSpring using Zapier

For SharpSpring users – easily import new contacts into SharpSpring directly from your business email contact list.

Save time and never miss an opportunity by automatically importing new email contacts addresses directly to your CRM platform – using a free integration tool.

Step 1: Get a Contacts app

  • Find an online Contacts App for your business email contacts e.g. Google Contacts:

Step 2: Get a Zapier account

  • Sign-up for a free Zapier account to enable the connection between the Contact App and SharpSpring: 
  • In Zapier, you can search for a  Contacts Apps that Zapier supports e.g. Google Contacts

Step 3: How it Works

  • When you receive an email, you check for FROM and CC’d contacts that you want to add to your contact database
  • Right click on a contact name >> add to your online Contacts App.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 4: Test the Process

  • Test the process then go to the Contacts App to check that it worked.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 5: Login to Zapier

  • Go to Zapier dashboard >> in the left search-box [Connect this app] search the online contact system you are using and select.
  • Then in the right search-box [with this one!] type ‘SharpSpring’ and select.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 6: Select a Trigger

  • A new dropdown will open for you to select the trigger.
  • On the left, select the ‘New or Update Contact’ trigger.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 7: Select a Action

  • On the right ‘then do this’ box, select the ‘Create/Update Lead’ trigger.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 8: SharpSpring reference key

  • At this point, you should be asked for a SharpSpring reference key.
  • Your administrator will supply this key – as follows:>> sign into SharpSpring>> click your Icon image on the menu, top right>> click settings>> left hand panel – scroll down>> click Zapier Reference>> in the main window under the section ‘Login Credentials’> click here to generate your API keys.
  • You can generate a unique key for each team member.

Step 9: Turn on the zap

  • Once the key has been inserted you can turn on the Zap.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 10: Confirm the zap is on

  • Go back to the Zapier dashboard to check your Zap is on.

Zapier Contact Integration

Step 11: Map contacts correctly

  • When adding a contact to your Contacts App, ensure the contact details are correct: First name, Last name, Email address, Phone number, etc.
  • To enable the contact details to be mapped into SharpSpring, the email address must be labelled ‘Work’. Label the phone number as either ‘Mobile’ or ‘Work’ depending on how you want it mapped to SharpSpring.
  • Note: If the email address is not labelled ‘Work’ Zapier will not be able to sync the contact with SharpSpring – the reason is that the email address is the contact’s unique identifier within SharpSpring. If this happens, Zapier will automatically send you an email notification that there is a sync failure.
  • If you get a failure notification, go back to the Contacts App and make sure the recent contacts you added are labelled correctly. The next time Zapier updates SharpSpring, the issue will automatically resolve.

Zapier Contact Integration

Zapier Plans 2021

In Zapier, you can either set up a free account for each person, or get a paid plan which can have multiple users and more tasks (Zapier can integrate data from 100’s of different app’s into SharpSpring). For current price plans visit:

If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to import email contacts into SharpSpring using Zapier
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