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How to research contacts by using Google Maps and LinkedIn

Grow your business by sourcing new prospective contacts for your CRM database. While there are many tools and services that are designed to generate new leads, you may find that conducting your own research helps in better understanding your target audience.

This process will help you get going with finding, attracting and reaching out to new contacts.

Step 1: Prepare your research plan

  • List of suburbs or towns you want to research.
  • List of industries, professions, etc. you want to research.
  • Contact list spreadsheet template with correct headings.


Step 2: Open the spreadsheet contact database template

Step 3: In a new tab open Google Search

  • An info box with the map of the area and a few businesses below the map will display


  • At the bottom of the info box click ‘More places’


  • Identify the size businesses (small, medium, large) that you are targeting and have a website, and right click ‘Website’ and select ‘Open link in new tab’
  • Start populating the spreadsheet – mainly the clear white section (only populate the grey section if you believe it’s really helpful to record the info).
  • Search for names of people, especially decision-makers relevant to your services and products – add them to the spreadsheet.
  • Find the ‘Contact’ section of the website and source any information you might want to add to the spreadsheet.
  • Often a company will have a general email address such as info@domain.co.za – copy that address to one of the names you add to the spreadsheet. This will give us an idea of how their email address is set up (we might need this for future reference).

Search Industry and Town e.g. businesses Cape Town

Step 4: Once you have a list of potential contacts (could be 10/ 100 names, depending on your plan), open up LinkedIn.

  • In the search box insert the company name (or contact name & company name).
  • Add names of decision-makers to the spreadsheet.
  • Hover over the names, right click and ‘Open link in new tab’.
  • Do the above for all the possible decision-makers listed under the company.
  • Check the person’s details to make sure they are potentially the right person to connect with and then click ‘Connect’ for each one.
  • If you have an inbox message you want to send and the facility is available (usually LinkedIn Premium accounts), send your message.
  • NB – ensure you have a well thought through inbox message strategy before sending a message.
  • On the right of your screen you will see other potential contacts. If any one of them seems worth connecting with at this point, hover over the name, right click and ‘Open link in new tab’.

Step 5: Go back to your spreadsheet and add information to your list

For instance, you might have added 5 people from one company but have not added the company name next to each person. Add that info now.

Save file in CSV format ready to upload to your marketing platform.

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How to research contacts by using Google Maps and LinkedIn
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