QR Code - How to set up QR Code tracking in SharpSpring

How to set up QR Code tracking in SharpSpring

This checklist will help you set up campaigns on SharpSpring using QR codes with unique UTM codes.

UTM codes are a means of assigning a contact to a campaign. This means that when a contact is created in SharpSpring, there is information on file on where that contact came from.

Step 1: Understanding the terms

  • Campaigns: In SharpSpring, campaigns are any marketing initiative you would like to track. When deciding what to track, it is best to be as granular as possible. You can tag multiple small campaigns together into a group.
  • UTM: A UTM code is a tracking parameter attached to a URL. SharpSpring requires one unique identifying parameter. This parameter is whatever you want it to be. For example: UTM=EventnameAD1 or UTM=EventnameAD2 or UTM=holidaypromo. To use a UTM parameter, you would need to add the snippet at the end of any link, separated by a ? character: www.site.com?UTM=EventnameAD1
  • QR Code: A two–dimensional barcode capable of storing lots of data. When scanned, it allows a user to access information instantly. This is why it is called a Quick Response code.

Step 2: Create a campaign on SharpSpring

  • Login to SharpSpring >> Marketing tab >> Campaigns >> Create Campaign
  • Give it a clear title for easy reference, select the channel, add specific tags, and most importantly, add the unique identifying UTM parameter. You must also set the duration and attribution weighting.
  • *TIP: Create different campaigns and UTM codes for each QR code you are going to create. This will help with reporting.

Step 3: Create your QR Code

  • Download a QR code creator app.
  • Add the link to the website where you want people to go once they scan the QR code.
  • *Remember to add the unique UTM Code – www.yourwebsite.com/?utm=test123

Step 4: Create a custom report

  • You can set the parameters of each widget in your custom report to pull in information for each UTM campaign.


  • You can see which marketing initiative is working best.
  • Compare effectiveness of each channel.
  • UTMs can be used in URL redirects from emails, web pages, Ads, Social Media and QR codes.

If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to set up QR Code tracking in SharpSpring
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