Desktop - How to import email contacts into SharpSpring using Zapier

How to sync your business email with SharpSpring

For SharpSpring users – view all your email communications sent from your standard email account and from within SharpSpring on a contacts record.

This is a great feature for sales teams as it allows you to view all your communications with a contact in one place.

Step 1: Log in

Inspired Marketing Website







Step 2: Sign in to SharpSpring

  • A window will open
  • Enter your SharpSpring username and password.

Inspired Marketing - SharpSpring Login







Step 3: Open up settings:

  • In SharpSpring >> menu at the top right
  • Click the Profile Icon button >> click Settings.

SharpSpring Email Sync set-up




Step 4: Open Mail Sync

  • In settings >> left-hand panel
  • Click Mail Sync.

SharpSpring Email Sync





Step 5: Open Mail Sync

  • The welcome to mail sync window will open
  • Choose your email provider.

SharpSpring Email Sync








Step 6: Adding a custom email account

  • If you are not using Google, Office 365 or Outlook, you will have to set up your sync using Custom settings.
  • If this is the case make sure you have your email setting available.

SharpSpring Email Sync








Step 7: Setting up an online email service

  • This example email account sync set-up will use a Google account.
  • Click the Sign-Up with Google button, or enter the email account address you are using and the email account password.









Step 8: Permissions

  • You will be taken through permissions approval process.

SharpSpring Email Sync








Step 9: Allowing access

  • You must then Allow access.

SharpSpring Email Sync












Step 10: Success!

  • A success notice displays.
  • If the account does not set up, you will be notified that either the email address or password is incorrect and the sync cannot take place.
  • You need to get the correct setting details and go through the process again.

SharpSpring Email Sync








  • Once the sync has completed emails sent from your standard email account, sent to contacts in your SharpSpring database, will be synced on the platform.
  • Only emails sent after the sync process will show up.

Step 11: Life of the Lead

  • If you open a contact record that you have emailed from your synced account >> click the “Life of the Lead” tab.
  • Click on an email icon >> scroll down and you will see emails you’ve sent out of SharpSpring as well as emails you’ve sent from your synced email account.
  • Sync complete.

SharpSpring Email Sync







If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to sync your business email with SharpSpring
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