Folder - How to upload and track media in SharpSpring

How to upload and track media in SharpSpring

For SharpSpring users – track and get notified when your audience engages with your online media content.

This checklist will help you to set up a piece of media in the Media Centre, as well as linking the tracked URL to an open or gated marketing campaign.

Step 1: Create your media asset

  • Save as a jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, pptx, csv, xlsx or zip file.
  • If your media asset is a video – upload it to Youtube or your website and copy the url link.

Step 2: Upload your media asset to SharpSpring Media Centre

  • Go to Marketing >> Media and select New Media.
  • Upload your file from your computer or Provide the link from step 1.

Step 3: Add a trackable link

  • Once uploaded, find the asset in the Media Centre and click on the blue ‘trackable links’ button.
  • Add trackable link.

Step 4: Get the new media URL

  • Click on the grey gearwheel dropdown and select ‘edit’.
  • Copy the link that starts with ‘https://koi-….’ THIS IS YOUR TRACKABLE LINK for this media asset.

Step 5: Start tracking

  • Every time you use this piece of media, make sure you use this link, not the original.
  • For an open campaign, insert the tracked link on a webpage, landing page, blog post, social media etc. Contacts on your database will be identified, other views will be shown as anonymous

Step 6: Gated campaign

  • Create a form on a landing page that contacts must complete in order to view the media.
  • Once they submit the form, they will be in your database and you will see who viewed your media

Step 7: Use in automations

  • If applicable, use the tracked media as a trigger or filter in a workflow to initiate a set of follow-up actions.
  • For example, increase lead score, send an email, add to a list, or create an opportunity.


  • Shows engagement with your brand
  • Increases a contacts lead score
  • Can be used as a trigger to activate follow-up communications

If you require help, please submit a service ticket for further assistance.

How to upload and track media in SharpSpring
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