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Inspired Marketing specialises in Marketing Automation services. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we provide our customised marketing services to clients across the globe. This enables businesses to grow their revenue by the optimal use of customer relationship marketing (CRM).

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Inspired Marketing Cape Town

Cape Town

Southern Africa

Home to our head office, Cape Town blends business with balance in a city where inhabitants are passionate about the outdoors and holistic living. As a result, many global services companies outsource their work to this region. Marketing automation comes into its own by allowing you to reach customers on multiple channels, wherever they may be.

Inspired Marketing Johannesburg


Southern Africa

As the economic hot spot of southern Africa, Johannesburg buzzes with activity and business opportunities. This thriving city is known as the trading gateway to the African continent and growing opportunities. Our marketing automation services are designed to stay on track with the fast-paced business environment and aspirational consumers in Jozi.

Inspired Marketing London


United Kingdom

As a major world capital, London is a hub of financial activity. Home to diverse residents from across the globe, marketing in London requires a multi-faceted approach incorporating multiple channels, engagement styles and mediums using advanced systems. Our marketing automation platform manages all these variables with ease.



Home to almost 4 million inhabitants, Berlin is the EU’s most populous city. A fast-paced business culture is offset by a diverse cultural offering. Marketing automation is the ideal fit for reaching consumers in Berlin, as it offers optimal efficiency, accompanied by a creative suite of marketing solutions.


Middle East

As an international travel hub, Dubai sees a steady stream of visitors from across the globe. An eclectic mix of inhabitants requires marketing via various channels, in many languages and relevant content. Inspired Marketing is uniquely equipped to reach consumers in this cosmopolitan city with ease.


Middle East

Cairo blends commerce with culture in a city which rivals most others in terms of ancient history and architecture. Inspired Marketing understands the value of personal relationships and etiquette across multi-cultural business environments and tailors our marketing automation services accordingly.



Home to iconic museums and cathedrals, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Known for its fashion, cuisine and art, the French capital also boasts the highest percentage of highly educated citizens in the country. Marketing automation reaches this media-savvy consumer group in the optimal manner.



The history of Rome dates back 28 centuries, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe. Often described as being home to “la dolce vita”, Rome has made an incalculable contribution to the fields of art, science and trade. Marketing automation offers the required levels of innovation to reach consumers here.



This island nation is an important centre for foreign trade, as it serves as an international freight shipment point. With an advanced economy and a booming property market, Malta attracts significant foreign investment. Marketing automation allows you to reach the global citizens of this country via multiple channels.

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