Target Marketing

Marketing Automation is a cloud-based SAAS technology providing online access anywhere, anytime.

The advantage of using the software is that you can deal with 100’s of inquiries at a time, ensuring each one is handled at the same standard you set no matter when or where your audience decides to engage.

Another advantage is that it operates automatically, meaning that you don't need to employ more people to handle these tasks. It also means that you can use the technology to accelerate your customer growth with almost no limitation.

The system has been designed to automate 3 key marketing functions:

#1 To attract and segment your audience

#2 To activate and track your customer channels

#3 To build stronger customer relationships

And all this is available on one powerful platform!

So let's take a look now at what you can achieve with the system...

#1: Attract and Segment Your Customers

The first function is to capture your inbound visitor traffic and allocate each contact to a specific market segment.

The system can automatically...

Identify website visitors
Capture their contact details and personal preferences (using dynamic forms)
Add the information to the powerful built-in CRM database
Segment customer categories (using personas, tags, segment lists, etc.)
Track ongoing engagement and identify hot leads
Generate reports: website visitors, customer engagement, sales insights, etc.

#2 Activate and Track Customer Channels

The second function is to generate outbound campaigns that communicate the right information to the right person, at the right time.

The system can automatically…

Track email, social media, AdWords, sales pages, blogs, etc.
Match the right contact with the right campaign
Send personalised information to the right contact
Track individual preferences during a campaign
Fire off personalised responses when customers engage online
Generate internal notifications about customer engagement

#3 Build Stronger Customer Relationships

The third function is to interact with your customers through events, promotions, competitions,

The system can automatically…

Engage contacts by sending out News, Reviews, Interviews, and How To’s
Capture event, competition, membership, and registration sign-ups
Promote products, services and information using sales pages
Send out campaign-specific email promotions
Generate sequenced communications to respond to customer enquiries
Provide customer engagement insights and reports

How Marketing Automation works with your business

Online Showroom

Your website is your online business showroom, available to your audience 24/7

Online Representitive

Marketing Automation is like your online representive, serving your audience 24/7

Different Era - New Approach

Marketing Automation software provides the latest technology in the evolution of marketing, and is used by successful businesses worldwide.