Tech company maps and automates the customer journey

Tech company maps and automates the customer journey

This global software testing company, headquartered in Johannesburg and London, seeks to play an integral role in the delivery of exceptional software and thereby enable real business change for their clients. Among other services, they offer automation testing, exploratory testing, functional testing and web performance testing. They required assistance from Inspired Marketing to map and automate their customer journey.

The Situation

The company was referred to Inspired Marketing for assistance with the optimal use of the platform, as well as mapping out their entire customer journey. They required a system which would allow staff members situated on different continents to work together seamlessly and ensure a more holistic view of the customer journey.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Marketing was approached to map and automate the entire customer journey, including the mechanisms used to interact with clients at different stages of their sales and marketing activities. This mapping process was very important as it would provide compliance documentation from a POPI and GDPR perspective. Automation of the mapping process was also required to ensure that sales and marketing processes were optimised.


Map out and automate the customer journey drive growth, improve conversions and to ensure compliance with data protection legislation. The intervention needed to also pave the way for increased synergy between the sales and marketing departments, regardless of the location of the staff members.

Desired outcome:

Develop a reliable system that:


  • captures client information,
  • documents the entire client journey, including entry and exit points,
  • plans, processes and documents multiple campaigns,
  • sends out notifications and tracking interactions.

Distributes communication about testing services, testing courses and follow-up information.

Creates a dashboard to track performance and ROI.

What we did

Inspired Marketing delivered the following:

  1. Mapped out the entire customer journey – from first contact to repeated communication and sales.
  2. Optimised marketing automation and workflows on the client’s existing platform.
  3. Segmented contacts into relevant persona groups.
  4. Set up the marketing workflow automations, tested the processes and activated the campaigns.
  5. Enabled performance analytics for real-time feedback.
  6. Continue to provide technical support and advice on an ongoing basis.

The Result

The company has benefited greatly from mapping and automating all the channels and funnels that they use in their marketing and sales activities. In an industry where reports, data and documentation are key, the optimal use of automated reporting has proved invaluable.

Subsequent to our initial brief, they launched their own Academy in 2021. The Academy has grown exponentially as a result of automated campaigns that market and sell the courses offered by the Academy.

Tech company maps and automates the customer journey
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