CRM platform boost communication

CRM platform helps NGO to boost communication

Having opened an office in South Africa in 1991, this German-based foundation works to support the peaceful transition of the country towards an all-inclusive, non-racial democratic society. Today, the Foundation has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The Foundation, funded by the German Government, is committed to the promotion of the fundamental values of the South African Constitution by supporting educational initiatives and research projects and partnering with key south African public and civic organisations.

The Situation

The Foundation was using many different software tools to run their e-mail campaigns, social media channels and event sign-ups. This meant that leads were managed inconsistently and sometimes fell through the cracks.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Marketing was approached to help the Foundation build their community by implementing a central CRM and marketing automation platform that integrated their email services, social media platforms and event sign-ups in one place.


The establishment of a central CRM platform that enables efficient communication with their community members at all levels, and the ability to track their responses to emails and other communication.

Desired outcome:

Develop a reliable system that:


  • captures client information,
  • processes event sign ups,
  • sends out notifications and tracking interactions.

Distributes communication about upcoming events and follow-up information.

Creates a dashboard to track performance and ROI.

What we did

Inspired Marketing delivered the following:

  1. Set up marketing automation with a built-in CRM software platform.
  2. Moved email communication from a stand-alone email services provider to a CRM platform and built new email templates.
  3. Used middleware to migrate contacts from staff member’s personal emails onto the CRM platform.
  4. Segmented contacts into relevant persona groups.
  5. Mapped out the communication process – from first contact to repeated emails and invitations to events.
  6. Created e-mail content and sequences, campaign web pages with sign-up forms, information web pages, notifications, smart emails and dynamic content.
  7. Set up the marketing workflow automations, tested the processes and activated the campaigns.
  8. Enabled performance analytics for real-time feedback.

The Result

The Foundation’s database has grown significantly, as the integration of all their communication services on one CRM platform streamlines marketing processes. The reporting functionalities offered by SharpSpring are welcomed by the Foundation’s sponsors and donors. The Foundation boasts an email open rate of 34% (industry standard: 20%) and a click-through rate of 7% (industry standard: 1-2%).

CRM platform helps NGO to boost communication
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