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Automated CRM database

Using its advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, the sales and marketing platform can automatically capture and segment new leads directly in your database. Each new lead can then be tracked and nurtured through your sales funnel, from first contact to loyal-customer.

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Integrated marketing channels

This next-gen marketing and sales automation platform has been designed and developed to help you scale your organisation for growth. With built-in email and marketing channels, you can program the platform to automatically run your campaigns seamlessly, 24 hours a day, anywhere worldwide.

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Personalised customer journeys

Employing intuitive workflow design functionality, the sales and marketing platform lets you chart the customer journey as they engage with your brand and solutions. Once your marketing processes have been mapped and activated, the platform will execute each task automatically.

Now you can compete, like never before!

Compete for Market Share

Success is not only about working harder to achieve goals. It's also about using leverage to maximise your results.

Never has this been truer than when growing a business in the marketplace of today.

One of the biggest challenges in marketing and sales is attracting more valuable customers and then looking after them better than your competition.

The dilemma lies in trying to manually scale your organisation for growth. It’s an enormous struggle to get the job done effectively and reliably, every day, without fail. It simply doesn't work anymore. Modern business is far too complex.

The answer is to identify a market gap where you can maximise your market share, and then systemise your sales funnel processes for optimal performance within that gap. Then add leverage by automating your sales funnel so that it can work night and day, wherever your customers are located. And, finally, really ramp up your performance by replicating and multiplying the number of automated sales funnels you operate!

This is how we help companies to gain the competitive edge.

Optimise your sales funnel performance

Attract new leads

Starting at the top of the sales funnel, the platform collects inbound customer leads directly from your website and all your marketing channels and feeds them into the CRM database. Following pre-set instructions, it will automatically segment these leads into targeted lists, and then continue to add details about each customer as they interact with your brand.

Improve response rates

In the middle of the sales funnel, the platform will automatically qualify each lead, based on their profile and interest in your brand. At this stage you will receive real-time notifications about leads' activities and what they are interested in. Easily reach out to hot leads while at the same time knowing which leads need more attention. Using behavioural-based workflows, each lead can be nurtured with hyper-personalised communications.

Convert more business

At the bottom of the sales funnel, the platform will automatically trigger the next step of the customer journey - based on how people interact with your brand. As soon as your customers are ready to buy, they will be directed through your purchasing process. The platform can also automatically follow up with people who may get distracted and have not yet completed the purchase. This saves time and helps your sales team close more deals.

Expand your reach

After the sales funnel, the focus turns to improving and extending your campaigns to new markets and bigger audiences. The platform will help you better serve people who have bought and allow you to stay in touch until they are ready to buy again. You can opt to add in a referral campaign, and thereby continue to generate new leads and grow your audience. Use the platform's real-time dashboard to track performance and tweak campaigns as you perfect your marketing ecosystem.

Inspired Marketing integrations

Connect all your applications and online channels

The platform integrates with hundreds of applications so you can continue using the Apps you know and love. No matter what your CRM, CMS, form builder, or applications may be, the platform can sync your campaigns to work seamlessly.

Inspired Marketing integrations

How we plan and create world-class campaigns


1 - Discover and define

We first take the time to understand your core sales and marketing objectives, in line with your business strategy. We establish the key results you're striving to achieve and identify the necessary resources and activities required for success. We define all the contributing factors that position you in your marketplace and that may give you a competitive edge. We also establish a budget to work within.

2 - Measure and analyse

Measuring actual vs target results allows us to establish where there may be a gap in performance. When examining the gap, we then analyse the possible reasons that the gap exists and the type of solutions that can be used to close it. For example, we perform a walk-through of the current customer journey to identify what is working and where improvements can be made in the marketing and sales processes and workflows.

3 - Design and develop

We use the analyses to plan the customer journey of how people engage with your brand - from first contact through to conversion. We map the workflow processes and identify the marketing assets required to engage and nurture your prospects as they interact with your brand through to the point of commitment. We identify the customer touchpoints and set up the integrations with the customer channels to ensure your marketing strategy is streamlined and in sync with your ideal customer experience.

4 - Activate and optimise

Once the workflows have been built, the assets are in place and the automations set up, we run tests to verify that the processes work as planned. Then, as soon as you're ready to launch and all target audiences have been identified, we hit the activation button. We actively monitor your campaign as it rolls out, measuring results in real-time. Relying on the metrics, we tweak campaigns to maximise performance in line with your target ROI.

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Inspired Marketing Testimonials
You’re in safe hands working with Inspired Marketing. They understand your needs and make sure you get what you want, on time every time.

Sakkie Janse Van Rensburg
Executive Director (Ret.) of ICT at the University of Cape Town

Inspired Marketing supplies and supports our Marketing Automation software. From onboarding us in the beginning, helping us build out online marketing campaigns and providing backup support, they deliver a reliable and innovative service.

Ursula Scholtz
Marketing manager, Combined Capital Solutions (Pty) Ltd (registered credit provider)


Inspired Marketing designed and built our website and have also assisted with our marketing campaigns. They offer a combination of reliable service and creative flair, always happy to help and provide sound advice. I can highly recommend their service.

Willa Schoeman
CEO, Diamond investments, Member: World Federation of Diamond Bourses

The Inspired Marketing team have been helpful and efficient from the get-go: they are always willing to take time to assist with whatever I may need – be it training on various sections of the platform, or helping to plan and strategise elements of our communications plan. Thanks to the Inspired Marketing team we have grown our subscriber numbers, and look forward to expanding our reach even further in the year ahead by making use of individually-targeted campaigns.

Megan Dick
Communications and Marketing Manager, FW de Klerk Foundation

Using Marketing Automation, we have been able to move many of our marketing tasks, from a time consuming manual process to an automated system which has freed up time to focus on serving our members. We want to thank Inspired Marketing for helping us manage the software and provided ongoing support.

Shawn Belluigi
General Manager, Intune Communications and Entertainment

Combining a professional management style with an innovative approach to projects, Inspired Marketing delivers an exciting ‘product’ every time. I can wholeheartedly recommend their service.

Dr Norah Haussmann
Magazine Editor, Crawford Schools (member of the ADvTECH Group)

Inspired Marketing

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Find out how we've helped clients automate their sales funnels

Blending next-generation sales, marketing and communication technologies, helps us provide unique solutions. Using valuable, gathered data that informs your growth strategies, we’re able to help create, activate and track your online campaigns and prove ROI.

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Inspired Marketing specialises in the supply, training and management of advanced marketing technologies. The following case studies provide insight into how we have helped clients identify opportunities, solve problems and implement automated marketing software.

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