Automation platform enhances scholarship application process

Non-profit automates scholarship application processes

This NGO’s mission is to advance South Africa’s political centre by equipping South Africans to make informed choices. The organisation offers access to resources and research that encourage meaningful discussions on important political issues. They host frequent webinars and also manage the scholarship application process for young people, particularly for studies in science, economics, politics, management, media and culture.

The Situation

As a brand-new initiative of this German-based Foundation, they set up a separate initiative to develop an online presence in Southern Africa. However, they had no CRM technology to capture, manage and communicate with their audience.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Marketing was approached to design, build and host The Midpoint’s website and set up a CRM platform to enable them to automate processes related to webinars, distribution of White Papers and scholarship applications.


Establish a fully automated online presence to enable The Midpoint to build a loyal community and raise awareness of their activities.

Desired outcome:

Develop a reliable system that:


  • captures personal information of contacts,
  • processes event sign ups,
  • manages scholarship applications,
  • sends out notifications and tracking interactions.

Distributes communication about White Papers, upcoming events and follow-up information.

Creates a dashboard to track performance and ROI.

What we did

Inspired Marketing delivered the following:

  1. Designed, built and host the website from scratch.
  2. Set up marketing automation with a built-in CRM software platform.
  3. Segmented contacts into relevant persona groups.
  4. Mapped out the event registration process – from first contact to repeated invitations.
  5. Mapped out the scholarship application process – from first questionnaire to final interviews.
  6. Created e-mail content and sequences, campaign web pages with sign-up forms, information web pages, notifications, smart emails and dynamic content.
  7. Set up the marketing workflow automations, tested the processes and activated the campaigns.
  8. Enabled performance analytics for real-time feedback.

The Result

Today most of the marketing communications and scholarship application processes are automated. Processes that were previously an arduous manual task (for example, comparing and sending printed documents) are now entirely automated. Additionally, keyword and answer flagging means that unsuitable applicants can be automatically filtered from the application process. This saves time and money and boosts efficiency.

Non-profit automates scholarship application processes
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