Reach audiences via segmentation tools

Reach target audiences via segmentation

This media house is a Google News-approved, curated content hub and affiliate marketing agency. The agency offers a range of affiliate programme management and consultancy services, helping brands launch, scale and grow their businesses. Since its establishment in 2018, the firm has grown into a trusted services provider and authoritative brand in its market sector. They stood to benefit from a system which would allow them to reach audiences via segmentation of customers.

The Situation

Although the company was already an established and respected agency, they wished to build their authority within their industry and increase their online audience. They had an existing marketing automation platform in place, but it was not being used optimally.

Search for a Solution

Inspired Marketing was approached to optimise their website via integration with a new CRM and marketing automation platform, restructure their business processes to better channel leads into conversions, and grow their audience via marketing initiatives and campaigns centred around their valuable content.


The implementation of an optimised website that integrates seamlessly with a central CRM and marketing automation platform, thereby enabling automated campaigns that cater for marketing and sales requirements.

Desired outcome:

Develop a reliable system that:


  • captures client information,
  • processes event sign-ups,
  • sends out notifications and tracking interactions,
  • can reach audiences via segmentation tools.

Distributes communication about new content, upcoming events and follow-up information.

Creates a dashboard to track performance and ROI.

What we did

Inspired Marketing delivered the following:

  1. Set up marketing automation with a built-in sales CRM software platform.
  2. Migrated all information from AfilliateINSIDER’s previous marketing automation platform onto SharpSpring.
  3. Segmented contacts into relevant persona groups.
  4. Mapped out the marketing process – from first contact to after-sales communication.
  5. Created e-mail content and sequences, campaign web pages with sign-up forms, information web pages, notifications, smart emails and dynamic content.
  6. Set up the marketing workflow automations, tested the processes and activated the campaigns.
  7. Enabled performance analytics and reporting for real-time feedback.
  8. Consolidated all information on various platforms in respect of each lead, thereby creating a comprehensive view of the individual concerned.

The Result

The agency has benefited greatly from the automation of most of their business processes. They are now able to use their CRM platform for marketing and sales purposes and reach audiences via segmentation. The reporting functionalities of the platform have proved very valuable in terms of guiding their content and next steps. Automatic assignment of sales leads has also led to better synergy and cooperation within their team.

Reach target audiences via segmentation
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